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Facility Liaison

Department: 40 Dallas County Ground
Location: Grand Prairie, TX

CareFlite Facility Liaison

To bring help and hope to patients and families following a terrible trauma, a sudden medical event, or any medical transport. To be part of the finest EMS team in the United States.

This position requires the personal skills to be an effective leader and the ability to inspire individuals by communicating needed changes, motivating individuals to become active participating members of a team and encouraging self-development through a leadership example approach.

This position requires a personal commitment of CareFlite’s mission and core values and the willingness to demonstrate those core values in all activities performed for CareFlite or while representing CareFlite. The incumbent(s) of this position are active participants in the organization and support the changes necessary for the organization’s success over time.


This position reports to the designated Operations Manager/Director and does not supervise anyone directly.


  • The Facility Liaison will act as an advocate for hospital customers and patients. To be a role model for employees and a representative of CareFlite to the facility he/she is working with.
  • Demonstrates a clear and accurate understanding of paperwork and CAD system, as demonstrated by complete and accurate paperwork/CAD entries. Long Distance Transport (LDT) requests will have all required information in the email request. Attention to detail is critical to success.
  • This position will be a liaison between all participants – CareFlite management, CareFlite transport teams, Facility management and Facility staff. The Facility Liaison will possess the ability to motivate the crews in a timely and professional manner.
  • Report all customer service issues including: conflicts with dispatchers, social workers, crew members, patients and their family members, facility administration, and internal customers to the Operations Manager/Director immediately.
  • Identify customer needs and help develop and implement an approved plan of action to accommodate and exceed expectations. Responsible for assisting all social workers, nurses, and staff within facilities with ALL transports involving CareFlite. Assists in planning and executing promotional events including conferences.
  • Responsible for ensuring that CareFlite is perceived by its customers in a positive manner by conducting all interaction in a professional and courteous manner
  • Circulates throughout the floors and ED departments to increase awareness of CareFlite and bring a strong presence of CareFlite inside the facilities we serve.
  • Make logical, immediate decisions based on clear understanding of CareFlite’s core values, policies and procedures. Adheres to privacy laws in regards to patient information and confidentiality.
  • Helps to ensure CareFlite is on time for calls and repeatedly check performance status with facilities. Motivates the crews to call out on scene and move towards the call when they arrive. Incumbent(s) will fill in for a Transport Liaison position as needed.

Safety: as measured by the knowledge and practice of CareFlite’s policies and procedures on a daily basis.

  • Responsible for the safe operation of the emergency vehicle or wheel chair van when picking up a patient in accordance with federal, state and local laws, regulations and CareFlite Policies and Procedures. Demonstrates working knowledge of all non-medical equipment, which is part of the ambulance and/or wheelchair van.
  • Assists flight crew in loading and unloading patients for the CareFlite helicopter and for fixed wing aircraft, as needed. Adheres to all aviation safety requirements in the performance of these duties.

Urgency: as measured by on time transport performance reports.

  • The Facility Liaison will act immediately on issues or concerns regarding facilities, safety and service. Assists all facilities with problem solving, expediting transports, and capturing all transports.
  • Responsible for insuring response time compliance is met according to contractual obligations. Incumbent(s) will treat all calls as an emergency regardless of the call nature.

Customer Service: as measured by call volume stability, increases and internal and external customer comments.

  • The main objective of this position is to build strong, positive, professional relationships within the facilities CareFlite serves. This position requires a high level of independent judgment, knowledge and understanding to resolve complex operational issues that significantly affect the revenue generation of the company.
  • Strengthens CareFlite’s relationship with sponsor hospital’s mid-level management as measured by number and percent of outbound transports captured by CareFlite compared to prior period performance.
  • Understands the importance of CareFlite’s sponsor relationships and contractual relationships; is able to apply the highest standards of customer service to maintain superior relationships with patients, facilities and other agencies.
  • Responsible for ensuring that CareFlite is perceived by its customers in a positive manner by conducting all interaction in a professional, courteous and customer friendly manner. Communicates positively with patients, family members, medical personnel, Social Workers, management, and co-workers.

Quality Assurance: as measured by continuous on site evaluations of daily operations, clinical assessments, percentage of appropriate units sent, and customer service surveys.

  • This position requires a high level of independent judgment, knowledge and understanding to resolve complex operational issues that significantly affect the revenue generation of the company. Responsible for participating in the delivery of non-emergency and emergency patient care in accordance with Basic Life Support and/or Advanced Life Support Protocols and CareFlite medical protocols.
  • Incumbent(s) will actively participate in quality assurance/improvement activities as directed by the Operations Manager/Director. Completes appropriate clinical assessment of patients as is required for transports and reports medical condition to receiving personnel and/or family.
  • The Facility Liaison will acquaint themselves with the quality assurance surveys and/or quality improvement projects, which affect their practice and adhere to the standards or changes implemented. Each incumbent will provide feedback in a positive proactive manner on quality assurance/improvement activities, which impact their practice.


Fiscal Responsibility: as measured by project participation, PR events, and new revenue producing ideas.

  • Incumbent(s) will search out opportunities to utilize their free time while on duty to improve their professional skills or participate in work related projects, such as public relations with facilities.
  • Incumbent(s) will identify efficiency or cost saving ideas in a timely manner to the Operations Manager/Director. Continue to identify ways to increase call volume at facilities.

Teamwork: as measured by attendance, punctuality, both internal and external customer comments and adherence to CareFlite’s Corporate Compliance Program:

  • The Facility Liaison will coach and mentor employees, by providing guidance and direction during daily operations in accordance with corporate values, goals and policies.
  • Responsible for leadership of the crew members that they interact with during the course of their duties as it pertains to the service standard for the facility they are working with. Support facilities by communicating on a consistent basis, listening to facilities concerns and/or compliments and helping to develop plans to improve performance.
  • Incumbent(s) will focus their efforts on supporting their co-workers and facility personnel at all times and participate in PR events on the weekends as needed.
  • Incumbent(s) will be tolerant of diversity within the work setting and will address co-workers and facility personnel in a respectful manner at all times. Constructive criticism of a co-worker, supervisor or manager will be offered in a private setting and delivered in a positive and respectful manner.


  • This position is a leader for CareFlite through a commitment to the mission and by demonstrating this at every opportunity within and outside of the organization. Demonstrates flexibility and has the ability to respond to changing priorities. Maintains professional appearance.
  • Provides clear, concise and complete information when working with staff. Has active listening skills and promotes tolerance of diversity in the workplace. Actively promotes teamwork and cooperation with other CareFlite and/or hospital, fire department, EMS, and other customer’s personnel.
  • Manages time appropriately to ensure that all areas of their job responsibilities are adequately covered. Actively seeks out additional assignments or assists co-workers and facility personnel with their tasks when they have completed their assigned tasks.
  • Demonstrates a positive approach to problem solving and utilizes the chain of command appropriately to resolve work related issues. Possesses and demonstrates sound judgment and objectivity in decision-making, including sound (airworthiness determinations/clinical determinations/business determinations).
  • Initiates work independently without direction and can be relied upon to complete tasks without continual supervision. Deals with conflict in an appropriate and effective manner.
  • Maintains personal knowledge of area of expertise through industry contacts, review of pertinent literature (manuals) and utilization of available educational resources.
  • Adheres to the CareFlite Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Maintains ethical, courteous and professional behavior, which reflects favorably on CareFlite.
  • Monitors own areas of strength and weakness; and seek out opportunities and/or guidance for improvement. Seeks appropriate channels for personal and professional development. Demonstrates positive changes in behavior or attitude following constructive guidance.
  • Exhibits a positive attitude in support of CareFlite and CareFlite/hospital management. Refrains from making negative comments about CareFlite, hospital and/or staff. Attends staff meetings as required by policy. Personal issues will be addressed outside the workplace.


  • Completion of high school or its equivalent
  • Current Texas State EMT certification
  • Current Texas Class C driver’s license
  • BLS CPR certification (or ability to obtain within 90 days of hire)
  • Must have excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Written and oral communications is clear and concise


  • Heavy

ADA Requirements and their Frequency of Condition

  • Extreme heat - 1%-33%
  • Extreme cold- 1%-33%
  • Ext swings in temp- 1%-33%
  • Extreme noise- 1%-33%
  • Working outdoors - 1%-33%
  • Working indoors – 67%+
  • Mechanical hazards- 1%-33%
  • Electrical hazards- 1%-33%
  • Explosive hazards- 1%-33%
  • Fume/odor hazards- 1%-33%
  • Dust/mite hazards- 1%-33%
  • Chemical hazards- 1%-33%
  • Toxic waste hazards- 1%-33%
  • Radiation hazards- 1%-33%
  • Wet hazards- 1%-33%
  • Heights- 1%-33%

OSHA Job Category

  • Category III: tasks that involve no exposure to blood, body fluids or tissues and Category I tasks are not a condition of employment.
    • The normal work routine involves no exposure to blood, body fluids or tissues (although situations can be imagined or hypothesized under which anyone, anywhere might encounter potential exposure to body fluids). Persons who perform these duties are not called upon as part of their employment to perform or assist in emergency medical care or first-aid or to be potentially exposed in some other way. Tasks that involve handling implements or utensils, use of public or share bathroom facilities or telephone and personal contacts such as handshaking are Category III tasks.

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